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What is Siren Song?

The Siren Song is a personal self defense siren that keeps women, and children safe at all time. Once the Siren Song is activated, it can be heard from a far distance. The innovative technology in Siren Song is created to deter an attacker, and alert for help nearby when you’re in trouble.

Revolutionary Designed
and Amplifies Sound

130 Decibel Alarm

Compact Keychain To
Have At All Times.

Easy On/Off Button

Easy to Use

Siren Song is easy to use, and the on/off button can help you in an emergency situation.

130 Decibels

Can be heard from a long distance when it’s activated.

Can Be Taken With You Everywhere

Most products on the market can’t be taken with you everywhere. Siren Song can be taken with you everywhere for protection.

Revolutionary Design

The Siren Song device has been designed by a team of engineers, and it has been created to help families keep their loved one’s safe.

Siren Song

The right way to protect yourself, and your loved ones from harm.

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